From Mining to Wholesale to Retail

At SWIS Insurance we aim to seek tailor-made solutions for companies active in the Diamond & Jewellery trade Worldwide. With our experience of over 15 years we have vast market knowledge and built up a strong reputation. In order to do so, SWIS Insurance wants to understand your business, work closely with you and study/identify each facet of the processes involved from the mining of a stone up to the sale of jewellery pieces in retail shops. SWIS Insurance wants to understand your business!

These very same key values we seek in our network of International experts & adjusters, insurance partners, - companies and underwriters as it is important we all speak the same language! 

Although SWIS Insurance might be distant from you and your company, SWIS Insurance is on a short distance from your underwriters with whom we meet on a regular basis both in Antwerp and London.

SWIS Insurance aims to work on reference only as SWIS Insurance understands that trust & experience are of utmost importance.



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